Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Meet Lake & Walsh...

Hi, all! K here with you today. I can't believe we're already at this point...Deliciously Smooth releases in just another week and a half. *eep* I can't wait for you all to get to read it. I personally think it's kind of awesome...but you know, I may be a slightly bit biased about it.

But while we're waiting, I thought it might be fun to introduce you to our hero and heroine...

 Name: Walsh Brackens AKA Walsh Davidson AKA Damian "Walsh" Thorne
Age: 26
Physical Traits: 5'11"; strawberry blond hair; green eyes
Job: rep for Ghost Squad Charities; former Army Lt; former conman
Most Likely to: End up in jail
Hobbies: plays guitar to steady himself
Affiliation: bff to the "real" Damian Thorne
Car: Yellow 2017 Corvette Stingray Z07
Skills: Smooth moves and charm

After questionable beginnings in life, Walsh found his place in the Army. But after a roadside bomb killed four of his best friends, it's now Damian and him against the world. With Damian reluctant to leave his house, that leaves Walsh living both their lives...not a simple task, but one that brings him to Aspenridge, Colorado...and Lake.

Name: Lake O'Brien
Age: 24
Physical Traits: 5'4"; curvy; bleach blond short hair; icy blue eyes
Job: owner of Naked Brews (inherited from her recently deceased father...she'd much rather be brewing)
Most Likely to: bring a keg or 6-pack
Hobbies: flinging her body off mountain cliffs (i.e. rock climbing)
Affiliation: bff to Melissa and Alex (the three met in college)
Car: 1974 Ford Bronco that she rebuilt with her dad
Skills: mad sarcasm skills and the sense for unusual beer brewing blends

Lake was happy with brewing beers and playing in the backroom of Naked Brews...until the day her father died unexpectedly. Now, she's trying to keep the front office afloat and desperately out of her element. Thank fuck for best friends willing to come and lend a hand.

When these two meet, it's pretty much hate at first sight...well, maybe not at first sight. No, at first sight, Lake wants to jump his bones, but then Walsh opens his mouth. 

Walsh wants to steal her brewery and that kind of ruins the attraction...well, at least that's what she's saying.

Let's just mention that there may be a bit of conflict between the two of them. 

But you and I know that can make explosive. If you know what I mean... 
(You're romance readers, so we all know you do.)

Releasing March 3rd....
My parents were conmen and I was their tool. I learned how to cheat, connive, and charm my way out of any circumstance. But now I’m respectable...kind of. Yeah, my life is still a lie, but that’s because I have no choice. My best friend, who’s also my boss, needs me to lie to keep our billion-dollar charity going. It’s complicated. 

But all the lies are about to end. I just have to finish one final task...taking over a brewery. Easy, right?

Not so much. Because that brewery is part of a custody battle between mother and daughter. The mother owns it. The daughter thinks it should be hers. I’m caught in the middle. Not normally a bad place to be when it comes to two feisty women.

But I’m falling for the daughter and when my lies come to light, everything is going to unravel. And then my future with the brewery and the girl will be shot to hell. 

My boss probably won’t be too happy with me either...

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The point is, there’s a lot of business happening before our characters reach Chapter One.

Bringing us to Desperately Unprepared. Before the Meet Cute, first kiss and HEA there were two people desperately living life, unprepared for the future. This is their story.

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