Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Meet Melissa & Anthony...

Hey, y'all. It's K here with you today to share something fun.

I know everyone never thought it would happen, but the release of the second book in the Naked Brews trilogy, Deliciously Thick, is almost here.

I thought this would be the right time to introduce you to our hero and heroine of the story.


Name: Anthony Millett
Age: 25

Physical Traits: 6'1", really muscular especially thighs and ass; wears his hair in dreds that he dyes wild colors for competition

Job: professional snowboarder on the halfpipe

Most Likely to: get arrested for public intoxication one night, but then bring his mom flowers for no reason the next day.

Hobbies: PARTYING...all day and all night.

Affiliation: he's really close to his parents who both work at the high school. Mom is an English teacher; Dad is former NFL who coaches the high school football team. Best friend, Simon, is a fitness trainer from the local gym.

Car: 2015 Orange Jeep with tons of after-market add-ons

Skills: Natural athletic grace and charm. Known as the Bad Boy of Boarding (Triple B). When Triple B shows up, the party is just getting started. 

At the age of 10, Anthony was plucked off a skateboard park in Kansas City and thrust into the X-games/snowboarding spotlight as the next up and comer. With his natural style, charm and talent, sponsors quickly learned to capitalize on his name and pushed his party boy reputation. He's done everything to live up to that fame.


Name: Melissa Frye
Age: 22

Physical Traits: 5'2" and super petite; is a runner so stays very thin; looks like the typical girl next door with her blonde hair and blue eyes

Job: accountant and bookkeeper for Naked Brews

Most Likely to: serve you tea and scones while hiding the fact that someone spanked her last night 

Hobbies: READING, READING, READING...the naughtier, the better.

Affiliation: Besties with Lake and Alex who took her under their wing when she went into college at the age of 16. Without them she would have been lost.

Car: royal blue Mini Cooper with a British flag painted on the roof.

Skills: can list off the entire hierarchy of the British royal family

One of seven blonde children in her family, Melissa is used to being overlooked. She's quiet, introverted, and has spent most her life with her nose in a book. But that quiet facade hides a wicked smart brain (she graduated from high school at 16) and some very naughty fantasies. 

These two meet under less than happy circumstances. The good news is that Melissa is alive, but Anthony is hurt and his future in snowboarding is on the line after some questionable life choices. 

He uses this as a way to get Melissa close, because he's intrigued by his 'Juliet', the mystery woman reading in the window. They come to an agreement, a pact, and the rest is some naughty, spicy fun that we hope you'll enjoy. 

Here's a quick little sneak peek...

“This could work. Give us a shot.” I grabbed hold of her hand and an arc of electricity zinged up my arm.
Well, hello, chemistry.
She stared down at our joined hands and bit her lip nervously.
I wanted to groan. Was this really the best idea I’d ever had? This girl was one of my mom’s friends, and despite Melissa not being my normal type, we did have some amazing attraction sizzling between us. “You’ll be safe. My mom will kick my butt if anything happened to you while you were under my roof. I know she’s biased, but you know my mom. She’ll vouch for me.”
Indecision flitted across her expression, and I could see she was about to tell me no.
My heart plummeted. I had to convince her somehow, so I used what I had to twist the screws. “Please. This works for both of us. I’m a good guy. I promise. I never would have run into a burning building if I weren’t someone you could trust. You have to realize that, right?”
She bit her lip in a move that almost had me groaning out loud. While she was just contemplating my idea, my cock thickened with ideas of a totally different sort. That made me such a bastard.
I hated that I’d sunken so low as to using guilt to manipulate her, but I was grasping. For some reason, this had become really important to me. I wanted her to move in with me. I wanted her close. I wanted to get to know her better. I wanted to know who Melissa was behind the Juliet fa├žade.
“Come on,” I urged. “Trust me. Take a leap off your balcony. I promise I won’t let anything bad happen to you.”
She shook her head at me. “You know, Juliet died at the end of her tale. Maybe that’s not the best comparison to make.”
“True.” Okay, so maybe I needed to take another tack. She was part of the book club with my mom where they read all those too-good-to-be-true, fairytale romances. “Did I mention my house has a real tower with balconies that come off the bedrooms? There’s also a fully-stocked library.”
Her expression lit up.
She was close to capitulating, so I went for my final play. “I’ll make sure you’re supplied with any kind of tea and cups you want.”
Her eyes widened with interest. “When can I move in?”


By the way...
Did you know there's a HUGE hint about our real identities in this book? 
When it releases, be sure to take a look at the Dedication page at the front.

And you know what else? 
You can preorder Deliciously Thick right now, before it releases Friday, for a special $.99 price.
Triple B...the Bad Boy of Boarding. 

That’s me and I own that title. I’m a professional snowboarder and my life IS the party. 

You want to hang out for a good time? Come to Triple B’s house. 
You need a hot chick to bang? There are tons of them at my place. 
My bar is stocked and the music is jamming. This is my life.

Until Juliet. No, that’s not her real name. That’s just what I called her when I fell in lust with her those nights when she read in her window.

But then a fire changed everything. 

I saved her life and it ruined mine. Now my sponsors say I either fix my party-boy image or else I’m through making the big bucks. I figure she broke me, she can fix me. 

She’s sweet and innocent, exactly what I need to fix my image. But I’m not sure either of us will survive the legacy that is Triple B.


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