Friday, August 18, 2017

Wanna see Crazy Love??

Cover designer: Amanda Matthews (AM Design Studios)

Crazy Love

My name means chaos. My mother must have had a premonition
when she named me, because my life has been far from normal. No one realizes
the truth about me. But he sees more than he should...

Can a person have a mid-life crisis at twenty-three? Because
I’m pretty sure I’m having one. This wasn’t the life I dreamed about. I
settled. And now I’m questioning everything, most especially the conundrum who
runs the bookstore. She wears sweater cardigans, but every once in a while I
see a flash of ink.

I’m ready to rebel, and I’m thinking she might be the perfect partner to join me. If I can get her to stop arguing long enough to see the real me...

Book #1 in the Bookstore Love series.


And to celebrate our cover reveal, we have an extra little surprise for you. 

Book #1 in the Naked Brews series, 
Deliciously Smooth is FREE!

KB Jacobs is the pen name for two fabulous, best-selling authors. Obsessed with the 3 B’s...books, brews, and bodies...specifically male ones with a ladder of abs leading down to the treasure trail…

Ahem, sorry, we digress.

These two authors decided to pool their obsessions and discovered a whole new destination to whet their imaginations. Welcome to Naked Brews, one amazing microbrewery set in the middle of the Rockies, run by three women, who much like our authors, know what they want...those 3 B’s again. Side eyes the men...oh, yeah, they have very nice obsessions.

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